High End House - Devtraco

High End Homes

A blend of minimalistic and Mediterranean trendy architecture...

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Devtraco Limited

East End Condos

An exclusive, well-thought-out, well-designed condos development that has a clear delivery and cost advantage...

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Deligreen will be a lot like the functional open plan communal neighbourhood that Bellavilla is....

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Situated very close to the Commercial and Recreational areas of Devtraco Courts, Bellavilla is the sixth of communities being developed in Ghana’s first ever master-planned...

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Heritage Court

Heritage Court, a development of over 100 home units (all sold out) and the 4th cluster of Devtraco Courts, is at the roofing level. ...

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Riverdale Cluster

The second of Devtraco Courts’ communities, Riverdale Cluster is a development of 111 home units (all sold out). Widely referred to as the Blue community...

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Park Cluster

Park Cluster is a well-planned community with proper drainage, good roads and connection to both electricity and water (basic Devtraco offer). The well-constructed community with...

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Crystal Court

Crystal Court, the 3rd in the series of clusters of Devtraco Court and a development of over 100 home units (all sold out) has been...

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