On the average, Devtraco properties appreciate 20% in value every year.

The Sunshine Deluxe (a 2-bedroom single-storey semi-detached house expandable to 3-bedroom) sold for $44,000 in year 2010. The same property now sells for $91,632.

Another property type, the Djune Premium had a price of $95,670 in 2010. It now sells for $171,100.

Added to the fact that Devtraco’s property offer an average annual rental yield of between 8% and 10%, an investment in properties now take between 3 and 5 years to yield a full return.

It is not surprising therefore that more and more people are buying into Devtraco’s properties as a sure investment vehicle.

There are a few other investment avenues that may offer similar returns, but all of these alternatives also come with high risks.

Devtraco properties rank very high in the list of low risk-high return investments vehicles currently available in the Ghanaian economy.

A number of factors account for this.

The promise of communal facilities which begins with land-clearing within the last quarter of 2012; starts full construction in the second quarter of 2013, and will include a Club House, a Shopping Mall, a Water Park, a School, a Police Station, a Recreational Area (with a swimming pool) and a Church Auditorium amongst others is certainly the first of its kind in Ghana and will afford Devtraco patrons a unique way of living such as has never been experienced at any time in the history of the country. This is Devtraco Living!

The strategic location of the current development is also another factor that has contributed to the impressive appreciation in value of Devtraco’s properties. It takes residents of Tema Community 25 about an hour less to reach Accra’s Central Business District than it would take most residents of certain areas of Accra itself (for example residents of Adenta and Ashongman). The location gives residents even easier access to Tema and a relatively shorter journey to the Prampram and Ada areas (two areas fast becoming Ghana’s hottest tourism center).