How to Buy a Devtraco Home

  1. Book a site visit with a member of the Sales and Marketing Team (optional)
  2. Complete a Devtraco Application Form (obtainable online or from any of our offices)
  3. Select House type or Preference, indicating additional requirements if any
  4. Submit forms to Devtraco (online or at our Head Office)
  5. Receive an Offer Letter from Devtraco, indicating general terms and conditions as well as price
  6. Sign Contract of Sale
  7. Receive Payment Invoice and Welcome Letter from Devtraco
  8. Make Payment as follows:
    Self Financing:
    25% of the cost price as initial deposit at the execution of this agreement.
    25% of the cost price 90 days after the initial deposit
    25% of the cost price at the roof level
    20% of the cost price on completion of construction
    5% of the cost price on inspection of construction
    Mortgage Financing:
    Payment of minimum deposit as indicated by mortgage financier
    Payment of required percentage by mortgage financier at roofing level (optional)
    Final payment by mortgage financier before completion and handing over